Pipers Crisp – Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt 8x150g (Full Carton)
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Pipers Crisps – Biggleswade Sweet Chilli 8x150g (Full Carton)


Size: 8 packs x 150g

Made in UK

England NO.1 handmade cripes, Pipers create crisps as they should taste!

Pipers story began in 2004 when three farmers – joined forces to produce great tasting, quality crisps using the finest potatoes, this passion for taste and quality is common across the Pipers team.
Made from a blend of locally-sourced cayenne and jalapeño peppers, Pipers Biggleswade Sweet Chili Crisps are a delicious snack time favourite. Using chili peppers grown by the Genovese family in Bedfordshire, Pipers’ unique spice blend offers a generous spicy kick and subtle sweetness.

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