Ancient Himalayan Pink Salts Coarse Grain 3x620g
Ancient Himalayan Pink Salts Fine Grain 3x620g
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Ancient Himalayan Pink Salts Fine Grain 12x620g (Full Carton)


Pack size : 12pcs x 620g

Country origin : Pakistan

Délicieux is a result of the zeal and fervor to source the best of Nature’s Harvests. This Ancient seasoning is sourced from the Himalayan Salt Range which is the youngest frontal fold and thrust belt of the Himalayas, the thrusts were accompanied by the closure of the ancient Tethyan Ocean. The deposits were discovered by Alexander the Great and predate the Jurassic age. This 100% All Natural seasoning, Preservative and additive free seasoning is a great treat and the fine grain can be used for marinating, cooking, baking or can be used conveniently as a finishing salt. A true delicacy and a treat for you and your family.

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