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V-Care-Lemongrass Ginger Tea 12×8’s (Full Carton)


Pack size: 12 pcs x (8x12g)

Country origin: Indonesia

V-Care: Lemongrass Ginger Tea (8x12g)

Our Ginger is planted in the fertile plateaus in Indonesia with cool climate, and is hand-harvested to ensure its premium quality.  The only extra ingredients are natural spices and coconut sugar to make you invigorated.

No artificial additives, flavouring or preservatives is added to bring the taste of nature.

Our Lemongrass Ginger Tea tastes mildly spicy with refreshing lemongrass, helping relax weary mind .  Coconut sugar is popular with its low GI level.

Direction:  Add approx. 175mL hot water, stir and serve.

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